I’d suffered with pain in my shoulders and back over 15 years following an injury in my 30s. I would have episodes of pain and discomfort which would often keep me awake. As I was moving through my 40s this pain became more uncomfortable and I suffered generally from achiness in my body. I’d tried yoga a couple of times but the high energy yoga classes didn’t help me. As my core understanding of what I needed to be doing and how my body needed to be positioned was not part of these classes, I was most probably doing more damage than good. 

Since starting my yoga practice with Niki I have moved into my 50s no longer in pain. My husband thinks it’s great because I’m not constantly asking him to massage my shoulders and back. He’s amazed at how different I feel.

I love my classes with Niki. She works you really hard and invests so much of herself into her classes that it really can transform how you live within your body. She literally oils your joints! 

We also have a lot of fun and although she has very high expectations of our efforts, there’s also lots of laughter in our sessions. 

Looking back over the last 4 years I’m amazed at how differently my body is working now, yoga has been healing me.

As an added bonus because with yoga I’ve taken an hour a week to focus on me and my wellbeing I’ve now also prioritised my health and fitness generally and have lost nearly two stone.

I’m so grateful I started yoga with Niki. I sometimes reflect on how I would be feeling physically now without it, I’m so pleased I did!!

I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who lives with or without pain. Practicing yoga with Niki makes me very happy.