One to one sessions

A One to One class is tailored to the individual’s specific requirements and is recommended when the class environment is too challenging (this may be due to overcoming an illness or injury, when you may need the support and personal guidance to aid recovery), or when looking to deepen an already existing practice and focus on your unique needs and goals. These classes tend to be led directly by the student’s needs.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a one to one class, it provides you the student an opportunity to engage more with Nicola to ask questions and to receive feedback. We hold a lifetime of postural habits and /or injury patterns in our body which show up as tension. Through your one to one practice you will be working at your own pace, allowing you to take time to explore your practice in more depth. When an obstacle is encountered it allows for Nicola to pause and observe with you what is happening. Thereby creating a deeper self -awareness through listening and connecting to the body.

Yoga classes

Most of these Yoga classes are now live with one on Zoom.

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